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There is so much more to our rural life than the visual and beautiful landscapes of the North Downs. Ultimately, the people who live here are the beating heart of the Downs. We believe passionately in the role of the modern Country Inn as an outlet for the Arts, encouraging local people to join together to enjoy the work of local musicians, poetry and dance, the spoken word, painters and artists from the very young and the not so young. We encourage the protection and proliferation of our local rural culture and pursuits, though we undertake never to allow entertainment to dominate the spoken word at the heart of the Five Bells Inn. We encourage acoustic music performances every Tuesday evening and introduce more diverse music and arts on the last Sunday afternoon of every month. Please do just check with us or visit our events programme if you are making plans to enjoy our local music and arts. None of our performers travel more than 25 miles and some teach at local schools or live just a ‘stones throw away’.



There are folk who like to make things, who have a hobby, and who seek an outlet or who wish to demonstrate their skills and their creativity and we invite them along to our regular Farmers Markets and Craft Fairs, where they can join together with our Butchers, Bakers and sometimes Candlestick makers in the spirit of a Country Fair! Not to be missed if you need a warm woolly jumper from the Romney Marsh flock, a woolly hat, gloves and slippers, a local painting, chocolates and of course, fresh local produce from the Farm Fields and Sea that surround us.

Just a few little things we would like to tell you!….


  • Our People – Did you know that some 30 local people have jobs here, proudly sourcing, preparing, cooking, cleaning and looking after you?


  • Energy – Did you know that by some cooking and heating with locally coppice trees, largely chestnut, 25% of our energy needs is from locally grown and managed renewable sources?


  • Of What You Spend – Did you know that £1 you spend here with us, about 60 pence returns back into the local community?


  • Our Food – Our Drink – Did you know that we prepare and cook for you only locally sourced meats, fish, vegetables, fruit and dairy produce from known and traceable sources – right down to the boat, field, farm, herd or flock?

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